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Kitchen accidents, cigarettes or house fires can all leave a lingering smoky odor that can be hard to get rid of. One reason for the odors may be from carpets that have become smoke-damaged. Cleaning these carpets is the best way to remove the odors and get the home smelling fresh once again.


Examine the Carpet

It’s important to first examine the carpets that were affected by the smoke. Smoke from a fire can leave soot and a gray film on the carpets, while cigarette smoke may yellow carpet over time. Carpet that was damaged in a house fire that is melted needs to be removed and replaced. Attempting to clean these carpets can make the smell worse.


Open the Windows and Doors

After determining if the carpet is salvageable, open all of the windows and doors. This allows soot-filled air to leave the home and helps fresh air to come in to replace it. This can immediately make a home smell better and can lessen the amount of soot that needs to be cleaned from the carpet. Placing an oscillating fan in front of open windows and doors can help to further drive the dirty air out of the home.


Try Using a Dehumidifier

Humid air allows smoke vapors to settle into the carpet and furniture, leaving them dirty and smelly. Using a dehumidifier may help. Dehumidifiers are designed to remove the moisture vapors from the air, leaving the air drier. This can help prevent mold damage from water that was used to put out a house fire and prevent the vapors from settling by removing them.


Clean the Carpets

Last, clean and deodorize all of the carpets. Thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas by going over each section at least four times and switching the vacuum in different directions. This helps remove all of the soot and dirt from the carpet fibers. Next, use a commercial carpet cleaner to clean and extract all of the carpets. Use fans to dry the carpet afterward. When the carpet is completely dry, apply a thin layer of baking soda to the carpet. Allow it to sit for several hours and then vacuum thoroughly.


Don’t let smoke ruin beautiful carpets and make a home smell musky. Replace any ruined carpet, and then use these tips to remove smoke smells to make a home look and smell beautiful.