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Like most people, you look for ways to save money in your household budget, so you may rely on DIY carpet cleaning. Although this appears to be a cost-effective way of keeping your home looking fresh and clean, there are four key differences between professional and DIY carpet cleaning that you should consider.

1. Power

Professional carpet cleaning companies use powerful machines to suction away the cleaning solution, dirt, and stains from your carpet. Although your DIY carpet cleaner may give the same fresh appearance as a professional carpet cleaner, the truth is that you are only able to remove dirt and stains from the upper part of the carpet fibers. Getting a thorough, deep cleaning of your carpets is one of the reasons to go with professional carpet cleaning versus DIY cleaning.

2. Water Temperature

The temperature of the water that is used for carpet cleaning is key to removing as much dirt, cleaning solution, and stains as possible. Professional carpet cleaners have heating systems in their mobile units that continuously heat the water to the ideal temperature. Household hot water heaters do not reach the same temperatures, and the water cools down as you use the DIY unit.

3. Technique

There is a technique that needs to be used to effectively and efficiently clean carpets. The tool that is used to apply cleaning solution and suction away the moisture needs to be moved across your carpet at an even and slow pace. There is also a certain pattern that needs to be used in high-traffic areas to freshen up the carpet pile. Professional carpet clean are adept at the proper technique for carpet cleaning. If you do not perform the technique properly, you could leave behind too much water that combines with dirt to create a mess in the deeper layers of your carpet. The remaining water may also damage the padding and allow for mold to develop.

4. Cleaning Solutions

For DIY carpet cleaning projects, you only have access to cleaning solutions that are available on the consumer market. These may not be the best and safest products for your carpet. Some solutions may also cause allergic reactions in your family and pets. Professional carpet cleaning companies use solutions that are specific to your carpet, and they can also be attentive to any special needs that you have in your household.