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Often, whether we’re purchasing a product or service, we tend to shop around and compare prices. More often than not, we’ll go for the most economical choice and not consider the potential downfalls of that. If you’re buying a product and happen to find a said product at a discounted price somewhere, that is the most fiscally responsible one to choose. However, when it comes to services, the cheaper option isn’t always your best bet. Specifically, when it comes to hiring a cleaning service, you don’t want just to choose the company with the best price. Though it might be tempting to consider some of these reasons before jumping the gun and hiring the guys that are half off:

First and foremost, if you’re in a position when you need to hire a cleaning service, there is likely a sound reason for that. Maybe you’re moving and need to show your home in the best light, or maybe there was an accident on your brand new flooring or carpets. Whatever situation you may find yourself in, you’re going to want to hire someone that does the job well. Hiring a company that will do a thorough job and not cut corners is imperative. A cleaning job that is half done, with little effort, will ultimately be a headache in the long run. Hiring a reputable company in the community, who are experts and skilled at what they do, will give you the best outcome. Should you choose to cut the cleaning service cost, you could wind up losing money when selling your home or wind up having to replace your floors down the road because it wasn’t cleaned properly. Biting the bullet and hiring a skilled and reputable company will ultimately be less expensive than if you have to replace dirty, corroded, or moldy fixtures in your home down the road. 

Another thing to consider before cutting the cleaning cost is if the company will show up on time and leave you with a price that you were promised. Sure, you might see a cleaning crew advertising a discount for services, but how often do we find ourselves being charged with random fees? By hiring a company that might be more expensive, you’ll likely avoid a jarring total in the end. A reputable cleaning business will be upfront with costs and analyze the situation before giving you a quote. Also, at the end of the day, time is money. By hiring a cheaper service, you may find yourself waiting weeks for your appointment, which could ultimately harm or deteriorate surfaces and fixtures in your home. 

While we all love a good bargain, there are just some things we shouldn’t cut corners on. If you do a cleaning right the first time around, it will last longer and cause fewer headaches down the road.