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Getting the house prepared for a professional carpet cleaning service to arrive helps to ensure that the cleaning process goes smoothly. By having things already done, the cleaners can be in and out in a much more efficient manner. It may take a little work on your part, but it will be well worth it in the end when the carpets look spotless. The following are steps to take prior to having a professional cleaning service arrive at your home.

Take the time to properly vacuum all of the carpeted area before their arrival. It’s important to remove as much debris as possible from the carpet fiber so when it is being cleaned they are able to get deeper to remove the soiled-in dirt. Some professional services offer to do the vacuuming for the customer, while other requires it be done ahead of time. When scheduling for the cleaning service, it’s important to inquire whether this should already be done in advance before they arrive. 

Dust and clean all of the baseboards and HVAC registers prior to them arriving. Not only does this help prevent dust and other debris from getting in the cleaners way, but it also ensures that the carpet will not get dirty immediately following them cleaning it. Take the time to do so to help ensure a more effective carpet cleaning.

Move all of the furniture necessary so that there is no obstruction to the cleaning being done. Some companies go as far as to even offer discounts to customers for rooms that are completely empty. Other companies charge a service fee when they are made to move furniture out of the way for cleaning. Before scheduling the service inquire what their policy is on having furniture in the room during the cleaning. Either way, it is important to take the time to make sure that the carpet is completely clean from wall to wall.

Make sure that all draperies and curtains are pinned up and out of the way prior to the cleaning. Take all necessary precautions to ensure that full length draperies are at least six inches off of the floor. This same precaution is also necessary for furniture with skirts that hang down.