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There are many dirty areas in your house, but one of the dirtiest? The floors. Carpets, hardwood floors, ceramic tile- it can all hold dirt, germs, and bacteria. The worst part is, some of it isn’t even visible, so you might think your floors are clean, but they’re really not.

The best way to combat dirty floors is with a professional cleaning, but what does a professional cleaner really do? More than you probably think.


How Do Floors Get So Dirty?

Before we can understand what a professional cleaner does, we need to understand how floors get so dirty in the first place. There are many factors- walking in the house with shoes on, pet messes, spilling food or drinks, even simply walking barefoot. Carpets, hardwood floors, ceramic tile, and other types of floors can all trap the grime that these actions produce, leading to less-than-clean surfaces.

Vacuuming and mopping can tackle some of the mess, but they don’t get really deep to clean as thoroughly as possible. This is particularly true for carpets with a really high pile, as vacuums can just push dirt even further into the carpet instead of eliminating it.


How Can a Professional Cleaning Help?

Professional cleaners have special equipment that can get down deep into the floors, where dirt and grime can become trapped. There are many different methods to deep clean carpets and other surfaces, including:

  • Rug shampooing
  • Steam cleaning
  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Encapsulation
  • Dry cleaning

Some of these methods use water or a wet detergent, while others use a dry powder to bring dirt to the surface. Machines with high suction are then used to suck up the dirt and debris, leaving surfaces looking brand new.


Is it Really Beneficial?

Yes, a professional floor cleaning can be very beneficial to the floors themselves, and to your home of office overall. In addition to removing dirt, it can also remove common allergens like dust mites and pet dander. Your floors will look better, and professional cleanings can even extend the life of your floors. It’s a worthwhile investment for your floors, home, and for your health.