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Carpet can add beauty and warmth to a home, but keeping it clean takes some work. Food stains, pets and foot traffic can quickly dirty a carpet or rug. Getting regular professional carpet cleaning is necessary to keep the carpet looking its best. Get the most out of getting your carpets cleaned, and keep them looking great in-between cleanings with these tips.


Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

The best way to keep the carpet looking brand-new after getting it clean is to regularly vacuum it. The majority of dirt and stains can be removed from the carpet by vacuuming it. For best results, check the brush and the canister or bag of the vacuum before cleaning it. The brush bristles need to be on the correct level to make contact with the carpet. The canister or bag should also be close to empty; a vacuum loses efficiency the fuller the canister is. Vacuum using even strokes and go over each area several times, switching directions as needed.


Blot, Don’t Rub

The first instinct of many people when dealing with a stain on the carpet is to rub it until it disappears. Rubbing a stain will just make the stain spread farther. Instead, take a clean white towel that is dampened with warm water and blot. Apply pressure and continue to blot until the stain is gone.


Remove Oil with Baking Soda

If oil spills or splatters onto the carpet, it can be extremely difficult to remove. Instead of reaching for dish soap or carpet cleaner, try using baking soda. Apply a thick layer of baking soda to the oil stain. Allow it to sit until it absorbs the oil and becomes crusty. Next, thoroughly vacuum the baking soda until it is gone. Remove the remainder of the stain using hot water and blotting.


Fluff Carpet with Vinegar

Areas with high-foot traffic can cause the fibers to flatten and look worn. To make the carpet look fluffy, try using vinegar. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray the carpet lightly. Take a spoon or clean brush and brush against the fiber grains to make them stand up and look fluffy once again.


Make the most out of your carpet cleanings by keeping it looking great long after it is cleaned. With a little time and effort, the carpet can look fluffy and fresh once again.